An Oiled Gypsy On Her Pussy Gets Cock In Easier

An Oiled Gypsy On Her Pussy Gets Cock In Easier

I looked over my left shoulder and good looks slapped me in my face. He could have been Brad Pitt’s twin brother. He was about 6’2” with tan skinned and dark blond hair. He repeated his question, “May I join you tomorrow? You two had quite an orgasmic excursion.” Well damn. How could this man discern what was going on underneath our skirts? Let me deny his claims and dodge the embarrassment. I squinted my eyes a bit in an attempt to express stupid confusion and I said, “Excuse me, what did you say? It’s so loud in here.” Tad Pitt leaned in and spoke directly in my ear, “For the third time, may I join you tomorrow?” Okay, let me catch this conversation and throw it to the pitcher before Tad tries to steal home plate. Time to express certain clarity now. Here comes the pitch and he’s out! “You want to join us for drinks.” He parted his lips, displayed a sensual grin, and attached benefits to my previous statement, “Yes, I’d like to meet you two for libations and orgasms.” Wow, Tad Pitt is a charming thief. He tried it. Okay, this man is brazen. Let me play mildly cross for a minute because my previous attempts of stupid confusion were an obvious an epic fail. “Orgasms? This is a bar. Where is that coming from? I don’t even know your name” He really thinks he’s slick. He’s trying to steal home and he’s nowhere near first base. Tad dropped his head down, regrouped, and said, “Oh, okay. I’m sorry. My name is Richard. May I ask your name?” “Tahari, my name is Tahari. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Richard.” I’ll still call him Tad Pitt but not to his face. “Earlier, I noticed the extra activity taking place right where you are sitting. I saw you finger fucking that woman, I witnessed the expression of euphoria on your face from her reciprocating motions, and I want to become a member of the Barstool Club.” Tad resumes his slide towards home plate. “The Barstool Club?” Tad made it sound so official that my Academy award worthy performance of subtle fury faded. Heat rose around my neck and I could feel my face flush. I smiled and surrendered. “Sure, you may join us for drinks tomorrow.” I stood and stomped my feet a few times to try to ease my soggy thong back in place. But I had no luck. I waved to Tad and walked out. The New Orleans’ breeze treated me to a tingly twat-tickle all the way back to the hotel. I looked forward to what would happen on home plate tomorrow. The Next Day To my surprise, Deenie beat me to the crowded bar. She sat on the barstool I occupied yesterday. Her brown bulging breasts looked as if she’d basted them in baby oil. Her short black tube dress barely covered her nipples. I grabbed the stool next to her. I was glad to see that Tad Pitt, Richard hadn’t arrived yet. “Hey Deenie.” “Hi Tahari. What are you drinking?” Deenie asked. “Grey Goose and cranberry,” I said. Deenie turned to place my order and accidentally revealed her left nipple. I reached over to cover the exposure and allowed my eyes and fingers to slowly graze her hard nipple in the process. I looked up to see Tad Pitt moving closer as he navigated the tight crowd. He landed in between our two barstools. I wondered if Deenie would approve of the third wheel. “Tahari, glad to see you again. Who’s your friend?” Tad asked in a semi-loud shout. “Richard, this is Deenie. Deenie, this is Richard. Richard witnessed our activities on yesterday,” I explained. “Let me guess,” Deenie grabbed Tad Pitt’s crotch, “Richard wants to join us.” Well, damn. Tad Pitt offered that sensual smile to Deenie, guided her hand along the hard nine inches snaking down his leg, and answered, “That’s correct and that feels good, sexy.” Huh. I tilted my head in awe and smiled a mischievous grin. This is moving right along. “We’r
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e off and running.” Tad Pitt started his silent initiation to the Barstool Club. In one motion, he locked his fingers with Deenie’s fingers, ushered her to a standing position, stole her barstool, and lifted her hips onto the downward slope of his lap. His hand never left her body. He wriggled for a second and took time to position the mounds of her juicy booty around his clothed cock. Her oiled breasts jiggled. He wrapped one arm around her waist and tugged her hips back every three seconds. Deenie showed approval and used her ankles to latch onto him. She rode a gentle grind. Deenie pushed her body forward and he pulled her body back. Her breasts jounced to the rhythm and her hard nipples barely held her strapless dress in place. I watched while my juices rolled down my naked thighs. In my desire to feel what I was watching, I reached under Deenie’s dress to discover that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Mmm, I wasn't surprised. I made the choice to go commando too. My fingers caught the ride in mid-stroke. I felt Deenie’s labia folds enveloping his rigid smoking sausage. My hand stayed for the ride. I pressed my fingertips on her clit and Deenie bucked against the force. My fingers flicked her clit until she jerked wildly abandoning her control. Deenie moaned in a violent shudder, “Oh.” Her body went limp. Tad held her tight to keep her from hitting the floor. My saturated pussy throbbed and longed for some attention. I wiped my fingers on my cocktail napkin, took a swig of my drink, and looked around to see if anyone witnessed our naughty activity. The quick scan revealed a packed crowd immersed in the melodies of the jazz band. Whew! I had a moment of temporary relief but the anticipation of my next move made my hands tremble. I shifted my ass to the end of the barstool and steadied my stance. I sat my drink on the bar, grabbed Tad Pitt’s free hand, and pulled his thick fingers up my thigh towards my unclothed dripping orifice. I gasped when Tad Pitt pushed past my sticky pussy lips and plunged deep into my good-good. He turned his hand palm up and pressed in with two fingers until his knuckles met my vulva. His fingers pushed, crawled, and scooped until he found my g-spot. His skillful fingers stayed right there until I was on the edge of an explosion. His hand pushed harder. I closed my legs and squeezed tight against his hand. I rocked back and forth. He fondled my spot. I was cumming. Tad moved his fingers from my wetness, shifted his pants, and pulled Deenie back on top of him. Her look of awe let me know that he was inside of her. He was fucking Deenie on the barstool. Damn! He wrapped his arm around her waist and rocked her back and forth. She guided my hand in between her legs so I could feel his snake sliding in and out of her pussy. He went in and out. My fingers teased his balls. He thrust in and out. Deenie’s dress slipped. Oh, shit! Tad Pitt’s brash movements caused the strapless dress to give way exposing her round oily areolas and hard nipples. He didn't seem to care. I looked at his face and saw him clench his teeth. His head made three quick jerks and his eyes rolled once. His cock throbbed and released a healthy wad of cum. Deenie returned her dress to its rightful position and adjusted her breasts. She looked over at me and asked, “Did you enjoy?” “Definitely,” I said. “I’m glad. We had a good time too,” she said as she looked at Tad Pitt. “We?” I asked. Wow, she said we. “Yea, Richard is my husband. It’s his birthday today and I’m fulfilling his fantasy,” Deenie explained. Well damn. “Ok. Well you call me the next time your fantasy begs for fulfillment, okay?” Deenie smiled and said, “Sure.” We exchanged information and compared travel schedules. We learned that our paths would cross the following month in Washington, D.C.

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