Video Chat With A Beautiful Woman With Gorgeous Pieces

Video Chat With A Beautiful Woman With Gorgeous Pieces

 The next time I went over to the neighbors, it was not to meet my sweet girlfriend Lisa. Actually, I waited until seeing her leaving the house, before I casually strolled over the lawn to run into her aunt, Mrs. Wilder, who was again harvesting berries in the garden.When I sheepishly asked for Lisa, Mrs. Wilder smiled deviously and said in her chesty voice, “Tough luck, boy, she is gone, but you are welcome to help me again.”I was proud of my diplomatic skills, picked up a basket and started plucking the ripe raspberries which reminded me of Mrs. Wilder’s nipples. I had not seen them without cover, but mostly accidentally felt them a few times during my last visit with her.Today, her small tits were hidden under a tight silk blouse with the big nipples staring at me like pointed fingers. The voluptuous butt of Mrs. Wilder was barely covered by a very short skirt, probably two sizes smaller and much shorter than a mature woman should really use.Also, crazily enough, she was on high heels while working in the yard, which accentuated her muscular, curvaceous legs. Had I not been such a naïve eighteen year old beginner, I would have suspected that she wanted to look attractive to a visitor she expected.When Mrs. Wilder picked up another empty basket, she was standing close to me and her firm butt checks touched my leg when she bent down. My senses reacted immediately, and my cock, too, swelling in my shorts.I was so confused, that I accidentally stepped on the full basket which she had just set down on the ground.“Shit!” she said, “Here is my nice harvest in the grass. Bad boy, come down and help me.”On our knees, we started to collect the red currants. When I looked up, I was stunned to see right in front of my face the upper part of her meaty thighs and in between a bush of black hair under the cockles of her butt cheeks. And no panties, what exciting scenery!While I wondered whether her skirt slipped up unintentionally, her next move answered that doubt. She turned around, looked deeply in my eyes and whispered, ”Don’t you think I did not notice last time how much you like my little butt. I thought about you last night. You were so sweet to me when I talked about my rotten life, and it upset me that I was so shy and kicked you out. Can you forgive me?”“Mrs. Wilder,” I stuttered, “I thought about you, too, but was afraid that I offended you.”With a sweet smile she answered, “You call me Annie, please, and help me to understand how such a young man likes this old widow. You may not have understood how much I appreciated your attention and how much I need this. It felt so good to be touched, and it shall be our secret if you want it, too.”Annie raised her hands and caressed my face with her soft fingers, again looking very seriously at me.“Don’t say anything else, just let me show you what I was dreaming about last night,” she said as she pulled my head down and kissed me with her full, hot lips. Her fleshy tongue slipped into my mouth and suckled mine.She then pushed me down until I lay on my back under the raspberry bush with her body cuddled on top of me. I was delighted to feel her firm, small breasts. Her rising nipples, still very soft, were fondling my chest as she slightly moved up and down on me.The weight of Annie’s mature body made my youthful cock swell, and her strong thighs embraced the bulge in my shorts. With her hands in my hair, she licked my ears, then kissed me again and her aggressive mouth started to go down to my chin, my neck and my chest while she opened the buttons of my shirt. She started to softly kiss and then to suck my nipples which made me tremble and moan.“I can feel that you like this, my sweet man,” she said, taking off her blouse and skirt, while I got out of my shirt, shorts and boxers. We lay down naked, deep under the shadow of the berry bushes, close to the blooming flowerbeds.I now admired her nipples which were getting stiff as I teased them with my fingers, growing to the size of the ripe raspberries hanging above us.Annie had gotten hold of my cock which now was rock hard and at full length. Her fingers were first softly sliding up and down slowly, moving the foreskin, teasing the head, slightly squeezing the shaft and fondling the balls. Then more forcefully, she started rubbing the swollen tip and squeezing the shaft.As her head lay on my belly, she observed her masterly treatment of my young cock and said, “This beautiful thing is made for pleasure, and I guess you know that very well. Does little Lisa know, too?”I stammered, “No, Annie, Lisa does not know, she only plays a little bit with it and never got it out of my pants. But I have other friends, who do know it well and
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are always very nice to me.”“Will you tell me about them?’” Annie asked and slowed down her massage of my cock, realizing that it was very close to erupting.Embarrassed, I answered, “They were ladies of about your age, who showed me the pleasure which men and women can give each other. And I am not as innocent as Lisa thinks."“And I promise not to be so shy anymore and let you play with my body. It scared me the other day, but now I am really curious,” Annie responded with a soft voice. “My husband always found my butt so attractive, and I liked his kissing, hugging, licking and biting it. I've been missing that for so many years. Everybody is just staring at it. Men try to touch it on the bus, and I cannot admit that it makes me horny. Come feel it, please.”With that, she turned over and I mounted her like a trooper does his horse, feeling those bubbling cheeks under my belly, pushing my swelling cock into the crack and down to a hairy, boiling pussy.Annie wiggled with her ass against my belly, her strong thighs tightly closed around my dick. My hands slipped under her to finger her nipples. This went on for while, both of us moaning and giggling.“Kiss it, dammit, lick it and bite it. It’s all yours!” her deep voice barked.As I moved down, her muscular legs were still holding and massaging my cock until my face got buried in the deep crack between those bulging mountains of flesh. When my tongue found the hole, I noticed how tight and dry it was, quite different from my other women who frequently used it to swallow my male toy. So, I licked and kissed it ferociously, spitting my saliva into it and using my tongue to stimulate it.I was quite successful as her movements got more vivacious, the mountain was rising like a volcano, and my face got slapped and burried by those vibrating cheeks.“What a piece of ass you got, Annie,” I screamed and hammered my head into the wobbling crack.“Yes, boy, let it feel your lust, it needs it so much, I want you, and I love it,” she whined.I was always amazed how long and thick my cock was. My soccer friends gleefully noticed it under the shower, and the women got really crazy when I used it on them. But now, in a split second, I realized that it would probably hurt both of us if I stuck my healthy bludgeon into this idle hole of hers. Being so close to losing control of my juices, I turned her over and jumped on top of her to find release for my rising lava on the other side of the huge mountain.Plucking some ripe, juicy raspberries from the bush, I dropped them on Annie’s chest and belly and started to pick them up with my lips, licking the juice of her warm body, sucking the giant nipples again and teasing her tiny navel.“How wonderful,” she whispered. “More please.”Berries rolled into the dense bush of pubic hair on her lower belly and between her meaty thighs. Then my tongue went on an exploratory route down from the navel into the soft, black hair, now smelling of raspberry.Extremely excited, I carefully stuck my nose into the lush hair covering her pussy and freed a rosy heaven with thick labias and a clit as big as her nipples. Here it was all wet, the berry juice mixing with her precum, dripping down on the grass.I took a raspberry and covered the swollen clit, then grabbed it with my mouth and squeezed the juice down the rosy hole. Annie moaned, and her body started shaking. While she pushed her pelvis against my face, she resumed the rubbing of my cock, which was still standing high and ready.She moved her head and her aggressive, full lips started to suck my dick head, going down my shaft and closing around my balls. Up and down she licked me, and finally she swallowed the total eight inches and chewed on my meat until I exploded, shooting my cum down her throat, and it dropped out of her mouth onto her tits.At the same time, her orgasm erupted, too. Her pussy vibrated under my hungry mouth as I continued licking her with my tongue deep into paradise. What a successful seduction, both ways, I thought when the double tsunami receded.Both of us relaxing, Annie took me in her arms, kissed me softly and groaned, “You are a wonderful lover, thank you, thank you. But you are still a very young man, and I am a grumpy old bitch who has not been loved for so long. You want to fuck me right here, and I want you inside me very much. But we need to stop here, this is going way too far. I have to think about the consequences as a responsible adult, my sweet boy.”To be continued. *Author's Note: This is the continuation of “Seducing the Shy Neighbor Lady”. To read it, please click the link at the end of the story in order to enjoy the background description, which I will not repeat here. 

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