Romanian pussy fucks well in the bedroom with her beautiful boyfriend

Romanian pussy fucks well in the bedroom with her beautiful boyfriend

Edited by DeepBlueCAs luck would have it my grandparents had to go out of town for a few days to attend a funeral. So as the old saying goes, “When the cat’s away the mice will play.”I always loved amusement parks. So when my grandparents left, there was no doubt in my mind where I was going and who I was going there with. I could have called one of the girls from school and asked her to go to Six Flags with me, but I didn’t. I called Patty instead and she readily agreed to go with me and told me to bring my pajamas so I could spend the rest of the weekend with her. So I quickly put on a pair of blue jeans, a black tee shirt and my worn out sneakers and grabbed a change of clothes and a pair of leisure pants to sleep in.After I packed my overnight bag, I ran out the door and jumped in the old jeep my grandfather gave me and went right over and picked up Patty.I never paid that much attention to what my Patty looked like until we went to Six Flags. Because she’s so tall and slender she doesn’t look anywhere near her age and she definitely doesn’t act her age.When I got there, she was already and waiting to go. Her long jet black hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Patty was wearing huge gold hoop earrings, her pretty big brown eyes were sparkling and she had pink gloss lipstick on her kissable looking lips.She had on a low cut pink tee shirt that showed off her perky smallish upturned breasts. Her haft dollar sized areolas and the tips of her nipples were clearly outlined under her top making it obvious that she wasn‘t wearing a bra.She had on a pair of black leotards that clung to her so tightly they left absolutely nothing to the imitation. She may as well have been naked from the waist down.Consequently, her pussy mound and camel toe were visible through the tautly stretched material of her tights. Patty was also wearing a pair of pink sneakers on her feet that matched her top.As soon as I saw her, my heart stopped, my mouth fell open and my cock began to stiffen.Patty smiled at me timidly like a teenage girl going out on a date. Then she asked innocently in a slightly shy but excited sounding voice, “How do I look, Sonny boy?”Then she turned around so I could see her from behind. Her leotards were so snug I could see the crack between her firm lovely buns and the crease under her shapely cheeks and the backs of her thighs.My cock jumped in my pants as I responded, “WOW, Patty, you are the hottest Mommy I‘ve ever seen. And you’ve got a great ass.”Patty got so excited when she heard my comment she wrapped her arms around my neck pressing her body against mine as she kissed me on the cheek she whispered in my ear excitedly, ”Oh, Sonny, do you really think, I look that good?”Even at my young tender age I knew she was fishing for another compliment. “Oh, hell yeah, Patty, you look good enough to eat,” I replied as I instinctively put my hands on the globes of her ass and pulled her against me pressing the head of my already hard swollen cock into her lower abdomen.But instead of taking my hands off her perfect buns and scolding me for my suggestive comments, Patty responded like a horny teenage girl and ground herself against me passionately as I caressed her firm rubbery butt and gyrated my hips in unison with hers.Then she whispered breathlessly into my ear, ”Oh, fuck, if you weren’t my son. I’d drop down on my knees and suck your big beautiful hard cock right now. But I can’t. I’m still your mother even if I don’t think of myself as your mother.”I just sighed at Patty’s comment because I didn’t know what else to say or do. Then Patty became apologetic and said softly, ”Oh God, Sonny Boy, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t to be saying and doing things like this to you.”I grinned at her desperately as I said, “Why? I like it and you said you don’t think of yourself as my mother and I don‘t think of you as my mother either.”I paused for a moment then I asked, “So what wrong with us being together?”Patty shook her head from side to side as she said in an exasperated sounding voice, “Never mind what I said Sonny. Now get your hands off my ass and let’s go to Six Flags before I forget I‘m your mother!” I guess she was trying to change the subject, because she looked me up and down and said, “Wow, Sonny, you’re looking pretty freaking hot yourself. You know, you’re starting to look more like your grandfather every day. Just don’t become as pigheaded and stubborn as he is.”I took Patty’s statement as a compliment because my grandfather is one very cool older dude and I wanted to be just like him.Because of my size, I was able to buy beer at the refreshment stands without being asked for an ID.Patty and I were having fun and drinking beer, a lot of beer, and we were getting more than a little tipsy and becoming overly friendly. It was like we were out on a real date. As we walked we held hands and deliberately brushed up against each other.While we waited in line, she’d lean up against me with her head resting on my chest and I’d put my arms around her waist and pull her against me. When we’d go on an attraction, Patty would cuddle under arm and I’d hold her as the ride whirled us round and round and turned us upside down.We weren’t acting anything at all like a mother and son should. We were spinning around and around on this one ride and my hand accidentally slipped down over her breast, and without thinking I squeezed it.Patty didn’t say or do anything, she just sighed, "Ooh,“ and gripped my thigh. As we continued spinning round and round she said, “Oh God, Sonny, I’m having so much fun being with you. I‘ve never been to Six Flags with anyone besides your grandparents before.”“Me, too, Patty. I love being with you. You’re so much more fun than the kids from school or grandma and grandpa,” I replied.Patty kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear as we continued to spin round and round on the ride, “Sonny. you‘re such a hunk. Being with you like this is getting me so freaking horny. I can‘t stand it.”Then she asked breathlessly in a deep sexy voice, ”Are you getting as turned on as I am Honey?”As Patty said those words to me, I didn’t even think about it. I reached down with my other hand and took Patty’s hand off my thigh and placed it on my hard fully erect cock as I asked, “What do you think?” while I rubbed the end of my thumb across her harden nipple.Patty shivered nipped my neck and started sucking on it as thumb went over her nipple. Then she stopped sucking on my neck and sighed, “Oh, fuck, Sonny boy. I like that but you know you shouldn’t be doing that to me.”But she didn't take my hand off her breast.When we got off the ride Patty was so dizzy she could hardly walk. So I put my arm around her waist to steady her. As my arm went around Patty’s waist, she turned towards me stood up on her tiptoes wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips.As our lips touched I slipped my tongue into her moist mouth and wrapped my other arm around her waist and pulled her against me and passionately gyrated my hips against hers.Patty gave in to her innate sexual needs and instinctively sucked my tongue and flicked the tip of hers across mine. She ground her pelvis back against mine sending chills up and down my spine that ended up at my genitals.The she pulled her lips off mine and said, ”Come on, Sonny. Let’s go on that old wooden roller coaster." Then she started laughing as she said, "There‘s something I always wanted to do on that ride, that I couldn‘t do with your grandparents.”So we hurried off to the old roller coaster holding hands laughing and skipping like a couple of kids out on a date. As Patty bent over and crawled onto the bench seat the sight of her shapely ass and the outline of her puffy pussy nestled nicely between her slim thighs made my cock twitch.I got an almost overwhelming urge to put my hands on Patty’s slender waist pull her back against my cock against her and grind myself against her snatch from behind.After I got in the seat beside Patty I put my arm around her neck and kissed her on the forehead. As the car slowly started climbing up the hill, Patty pulled my hand down over cup cake sized tit and said, “Hold me tight, Sonny, don‘t let go of me.”Then she squeezed my hand over her tit and slowly ran her hand u
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p the inside of my thigh. As Patty's hand covered my dick she sighed, “Ah gees, Sonny boy, you‘re getting me so fucking horny. I‘m not going to able to control myself much longer if I don't get off.”As the roller coaster reached the crest of the hill. I slipped my hand under her top. Patty’s skin was soft and warm to the touch. Her little boob fit perfectly into the palm of my hand.As we went over the top of the hill and started speeding downward, Patty nipped my ear lobe and whispered, “Sonny, pinch my nipple.” Then she turned sideways in the seat and squeezed my dick tighter and started rubbing it. As the roller coaster went around a bend and slowed started inching up the next incline. Patty keep rubbing her hand back and forth over the length of my pulsating penis. While I continued caressing her breast and twisting the tip of her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.As we approached the next drop, Patty lifted her head off my shoulder and kissed me on the lips again. As we started down the hill she forced her tongue deep into my mouth and put my other hand between her thighs. Patty pressed my hand firmly against her womanhood and held it there as we sped down the hill. All the while we rode the roller coaster we kept tongue fucking each others mouths and rubbing with each others genitals. I was getting so aroused that I thought I was going to ejaculate in my pants a couple of times. And I wouldn’t have cared if I did.When we finally got off the roller coaster, my body was trembling with desire and my balls were aching for relief. My cock was so hard it was sticking straight out in front of me making a huge embarrassing bulge in the front of my jeans.Patty and I raced down ramp holding hands laughing like a couple of guilty naughty teenagers, not like a mother and her son.When we reached the bottom of the ramp and started walking towards the exit, Patty turned towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck and said, “Sonny, I’m so fucking horny. I can’t stand it anymore. Let’s sneak into the ladies restroom and get each other off.”Then Patty pulled me by the hand towards the ladies room. When we reached the entrance. She told me, ”Stay here,” as she went inside. Patty quickly returned, took my hand again and said, “Hurry up, baby boy, we don’t want to get caught in here together.”There was a line of stalls on one side of the room and with a row of sinks on the other side with a long row of mirror over them, just like in the men room except there were no urinals. I could see women’s feet under some of the doors as we hurried down the line of toilet stalls.When we finally found an empty stall and got in. Patty turned towards me grinning mischievously and said like an adventurous teenager, “Oh, fuck Sonny, isn’t this is exciting?”The next thing I knew Patty had my zipper and her hand was inside my under shorts. As she yanked out my dong she said, ”Holy shit, Sonny, you could be a porn star. Your penis is already bigger than your father‘s.”I quickly reached down and slipped my hands under the sides of the waist band of her tights. As I started peeling them over her hips. Patty's eyes got wide as she shook her head from side to side saying nervously, “Oh God, No, Sonny. We can’t do that! Remember I’m your mother. We’re just going to get each other off.”Patty took my hand and slid it under the front of her leotards. As my slipped downward over her pussy mound. Patty tilted her head to the side closed her eyes parted her lips waiting for me to kiss her.As our lips came together my hand touched her cunt. It was so warm and wet I couldn‘t believe it! Before I could do anything, Patty whispered between our lips, “Sonny, slowly stick your finger in me and get it wet, then rub it over my clit.”I did as just as she instructed.As I slipped my finger between the moist folds of Patty’s vagina, into her warm snug hole. The muscles inside her pussy started contracting around my finger and griping it as it went in, like it was trying to hold it in place. While I slowly pushed my finger deeper into her. Patty started unconsciously moving her hips back and forth fucking my finger as it entered her.Patty nipped my ear lobe as I rubbed her clit with my thumb and continued sliding my middle finger back and forth in and out of her extremely snug wet clinging cunt.I curled my middle finger as I started pulling it out of her and discovered a small bumpy stop. I curiously started rubbing the tip of my finger over that bumpy stop.When I did that. Patty went nuts and mashed her lips against mine so hard I could taste blood in my mouth. Then she forced her tongue so far into my mouth, that I though it was going down my throat.Patty pulled her mouth off mine and she was making, "mmm, mmm," sounds deep in her throat. And she going wild in my arms, slamming her hips back and forth faster and faster as I rubbed my finger tip over that bumpy spot. Then I heard her saying, ”Oh Good God, lover boy, stick another finger in my kitty and do that to me with two fingers. Oh Fuck that’s it, baby boy, don‘t stop. Please don‘t stop.“Then Patty started groaning passionately, ”Aah, Ooh, Sonny, you're making me feel so good. You’re gonna make me come any second.”“Oh Fuck Sonny,“ she sighed. Then Patty clamped her thighs around my hand. As her body went so stiff, it started vibrating and her warm pussy juices came gushing into the palm of my hand.Then she groaned loudly, “Aaaaah fuck, Baby boy, I needed that so bad. I wish you could stick your big dick in me. Oh God Sonny, I used to love the feeling of your father’s hard cock in me when I came.”Patty was squirming against me, panting as the aftershocks of her needed but unsatisfactory orgasm finished passing through her warm shaking body. Due to her comment about how she liked having my father’s cock in her when she comes. I knew she needed more so I put my arms around her and pulled her against me. Then I brushed my lips across hers and whispered between our parted lips, ”Patty I want to stick my dick in you so bad and give you what need.”Then I pleaded, “Please let me put it, in you.” But my begging and pleading were to no avail. Patty shook her head from side to side saying, ”Oh God No Sonny. I want you, but I just can’t.”Patty was holding my dick between her leg unconsciously rubbing herself back and forth over the end of my cock, while she was saying that.I leaned against her and started kissing and nibbling on her ear lobe as I whispered, “Patty let see your titties!”Patty replied, “Okay, but that’s all.”Then she sat down on the toilet seat and lifted her top up as she asked sounding unsure of herself, “Do you like my little titties? You don‘t think they‘re too small do you?”Her tits were smallish with pretty pink nipples. I was so fascinated by them, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. So I just muttered breathlessly, “Patty, I don’t think your boobies are too small. I think they’re beautiful just like you."Then I pleaded, "Please Patty let me put it in you.”Patty was looking up at me with a longing in her eyes as she replied halfheartedly saying, ”Oh, Sonny, please stop talking to me like that.”As I stared back down into her big brown bedroom eyes. I couldn't help wondering what it would like to be inside her. As Patty slowly stated stroking my penis. I closed my eyes trying to imagine what it would feel like to be deep inside her and being one with her.All of a sudden I felt little shivers starting to go up and down my spine.Then I felt my knees starting to get weak as I began shooting gobs and gobs of sperm out the end of my dick all over Patty’s tits.The next thing I knew. I was leaning against the wall behind her, with my head resting on my hands trying to regain my breath. Then I heard Patty asking, “Did you enjoy that?” I wanted more. I needed more so I responded, “Yeah, it felt real good. But, it would have felt, much better if I was inside you.” Her reply was, “Oh, Sonny, please stop saying things like that to me. I responded by saying, “But, Patty, I want you to be my girlfriend.”Patty’s eyes got wide as she looked at me and said, “Oh, Sonny, really, you’re so sweet. I want you be my boyfriend too.”Then she quickly kissed me on the lips, and said, “Let’s go to my place and hang out.”End of part two of threeFamily Secrets

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