This Blonde Crazy All Men With Her Big Boobs

This Blonde Crazy All Men With Her Big Boobs

I left to the now familiar sounds of two women exploring each other’s bodies and enjoying the discoveries.I, however, was taxed.  So taxed that I didn’t think I’d get an erection for at least a month.  I'd fucked two girls at the same time.  I’d listened to them fuck each other.  I’d seen the two girls go down on each other, even.  And still, I was spent.  It happens.  Sometimes it happens early, sometimes late, but I was physically spent.  My cock couldn’t handle much more, if any.I walked out of Liz’s apartment with the two gals loving on each other and I had no stirrings of physical lust or desire.  I just really wanted to rest.  And yet, I had to go meet up with Craig.  I was hoping nothing sexual would come of our meeting, unless it meant I’d not have to get an erection.  My dick was tired from so much use.  I got a quick shower, then got dressed and drove the quick mile to the Golden Fleece.  I needed probably a day or two to recover, but I could set up an afternoon next weekend.  I could.  Right?Craig was already at the bar nursing a pale ale.  Maybe an IPA, but I never knew with him.  I walked up to the chair next to his and ordered two whiskies.  He smiled at me the way only a man can smile when he knows the other so intimately.  I slapped his shoulder, he slapped mine.  Our shots came and we downed them like pros.  I ordered a beer.“So, Craig,” I began.  “Liz liked that.”He laughed loudly.  And long.  When his mirth finally subsided, he ventured an “I did too.”  Then his laughter began again and didn’t stop for a full minute, maybe even two.  It even continued after the initial return to composure.“She wants to do it again.  But she wants your girlfriend to be there,” I could finally get in.  Then I added, “I didn’t know you were seeing someone.”This time his laughter was loud and even longer.  I counted a full five minutes before I could get an intelligible sentence out of him.“Hahahaha… You thought… Oh my God… You… You guys really thought…”At long last, his fit of laughter subsided.  He looked at me, chuckled, almost started laughing again, then took a deep breath.“Amos, I don’t have a girlfriend.  That was just a way of ducking out on you guys.  I was spent for the night.  And,” he looked me straight in the eye, “she is way more cute naked than clothed.  Just saying.  And she’s fucking hot with clothes on.”“I agree.  Completely.  She’s a fucking goddess,” I answered.  I knew he was talking about Liz.  I knew he wasn’t talking about his nonexistent girlfriend.  “But it’s too bad.  She wanted to dive muff in front of us if we’d fuck again.”  I paused, looking him over.  “And, by the way, she’s not my girlfriend.  She is more your age, though.”  We both started laughing this time, me from the uncomfortable notion of setting up two of my favorite lovers, and him because he knew it was just funny.“Funny story, actually,” I continued.  “She wanted to set up a four-way with her, you, me, and your non-existent girlfriend.  I may have an alternate, though.”  My mind drifted to Katie.“So she still wants to dyke out in front of us?”“Dyke out," I made a funny face to match my funny voice.  "Don't be so crass, asshole.  But, yeah.  I mean, she got to watch you fuck the shit out of my ass.  I think it’d be cool.  Are you okay with involving another woman?  She’s hot.  And I’m pretty sure she’s my girlfriend.  Her pussy tastes like soft-serve…”We continued chatting.  Despite my earlier reservations, I was getting that tingly feeling again:  I wanted to fuck.  Craig noticed and we paid, making our way to the entrance.  I texted Liz to give her a heads up.When we got back to my place, it didn’t take long for our clothes to end up on the floor.  I was on my knees, slobbering all over his rock hard knob right there in the kitchen.  We were probably there for ten minutes or so when I heard the door open, but I really didn’t care.  Liz had seen this before but Katie would soak her panties watching this.  I was sucking Craig’s beautiful cock, so I didn’t look up. I heard two people gasp, one of whom was Craig.  He grabbed my head and shoved his shooting cock deep into my mouth.  I choked on his cum explosion, swallowing what I could as gobs of what I couldn’t swallow leaked out the sides of my mouth.  I looked up.Craig stared me directly in the eyes.  He wore that look of complete satisfaction.  I took his deflating cock out of my mouth, kissing it, then moving my tongue down a bit further to kiss his balls in gratitude for the gift they had given me.  Only then did I look around the kitchen.I saw Katie and Liz just standing there.  They obviously hadn’t done much to clean up from their own frolicking:  Katie’s hair was a tangle, and both were wearing barely enough for public view.  Katie came over to me, looking lustful.“Here, let me help you with that,” she said as she began licking the remainder of Craig’s love juice from my chin.  Her hand moved to stroke his recovering member.  “I bet you’re ready to get this thing up your cute, tight butthole, you slut.  Am I right?”  In response, I merely gave his penis a few kisses.  “I bet he can last for a good long ass-pounding session now.”We moved out of the kitchen to the living room, Craig and I still nude.  I made the introductions.  I was exhausted, and said so.  Liz and Katie just grinned while Craig got that, “I think I see what’s going on here,” look.  I explained what had happened the last few days.  I started with the two of us fucking in my living room with Liz, then Friday night, and ending with the events of the previous night, Saturday.  I noticed Katie make a lustful look quite a few times as I recounted the tale.  Then, as I was about to propose Liz’s four-some idea, she interrupted.“So, Craig, it’s Liz’s idea, but…”“I got this, Amos.  It is my idea, after all.  So, yeah, Craig.  Actually, since little buster over here is all tuckered out for now - we really did do a number on him last night - how’s next weekend sound?  You, me, Katie, and Amos.  Everyone getting it on with everyone.  Does that work for you?”“I don’t see why not.  Saturday works best for me.  In fact, I can host the next few weekends.  My neighbors will be out of town, in Europe for the next month or so.  Late afternoon okay with everyone?  I’ll cook up some dinner and I’ve got enough beds for the four of us.  We could even continue through Sunday if we’d like.”So, it was tentatively set.  We hugged the girls' goodbye.  As I embraced Katie, she gave me a quick bite on my neck as she pinched my ass.“Get my number from Liz.  And call me.  Any time.  You can call me any time at all,” she whispered into my ear.Craig went back to the couch and practically collapsed into it.  I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and joined him.  I eyed his rejuvenated erection.  He hadn’t moved since sitting down.  His head was back, eyes closed.  My mouth watered at the prospect of another oral quickie.  I reached over.  As my hand made contact with his organ it jumped and Craig let out a low growling moan.  That was all the motivation I needed to continue.I kneeled in front of him, his cock full mast in front of my face.  My mouth watered even more, saliva dripping from the corners of my mouth.  I opened, my tongue searching out, probing.  I felt his head brush against the tip.  I homed in on his erection, my mouth filled with his member.  His hands grabbed into my hair, pulling me, desiring release.  I let him guide my sucking, reveled in his want for me, his need.  I wanted him to… I wanted… Oh, GOD!  His cock filled my mouth.  I could feel his need.  My hand crept up his thigh, cupped his balls.  I loved his hairy, unshaven balls.  My hand held his shaft as I lowered my lips to his heavy, laden sack.  I sucked each orb with fervor.  A light bit of teeth, sucking gently, then a kiss, then move on to the next…I kept sucking at his balls for a minute or so, then adjusted my attention to his stiff rod.  I swallowed what I could, for the rest I used my hand.  I didn’t need, didn’t want this job to finish quickly.  I reveled in his stamina, awed by his performance.  I kissed along his shaft every now and then, whenever his hands allowed me, just to prolong my nirvana, then thrust him deeper than the last time.  Eventually, his entire cock was in my mouth and throat. Far too soon, he released his load down my throat.  I continued sucking as he withdrew, hoping to get even a little taste.  I was rewarded with a final emission from his still rigid member as he reached my lips.  Finally, his hands fell to his sides.  I kissed his head again.Wow.  It used to be the head.  Now I’m thinking this.  I’m falling for Katie, but I think I’m falling for Craig also.  Who the fuck am I?I already knew.His hands at his sides, I raised myself, coming face to face.  I watched his lazy inaction, enjoyed the brazen, devil-may-care attitude.  His lips looked heavenly.  I saw my hands at either side of his face, surprised that they made it so far.  What am I doing?  Our lips drew together… His eyes are open.  He’s looking me in the eye…  Contact.At that point, I lost eye contact with him.  Not because kissing a person so thoroughly makes it awkward to keep eye contact, but because my eyes closed.  He may have kept his open, I don’t know.  All I know is
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that I was caught up in a moment where I realized I was falling in love.  With more than one person.  A girl and a guy.  But also, with a girl and with a guy.  Yeah.  Think about it.  It means more than it means while at the same time, not meaning as much as it means.  Thank you, Confucius.  As we eventually retreated, I kept my thoughts to myself.“Intense.  Thank you,” Craig uttered.  It was almost an off-handed way of dealing with it.  He didn’t look me in the eye.  I felt almost nonexistent to him.  But, I also didn’t feel the need to use his appreciation as validation.  Is he too nonchalant?  “Amos,” he started.  He waited until my eyes met his again.  “Amos, thank you.”  With that, I turned on the television.I found some football and turned back to my drink.  Craig was awake now.  I pointed to the beer.  He nodded.  Eventually, we both were coherent enough to watch the Sunday night game and drink a couple of beers.  We ended the evening after the game.  Both still naked, we embraced farewell.“It is Sunday, but we could share the bed if you need,” I offered.We ended up spooning in my bed.  I fell asleep, feeling his semi-hard cock in the crease of my ass.  I envied the next time I’d feel his beautiful penis lodged between my cheeks.  I knew it would happen again, though we’d both be awake that time.* * * * *I don’t know what time it was when I woke, but I know it was still dark out.  I woke because of a wonderful pressure at the threshold to my ass.  My own stiff cock was aching for a good fuck, but my ass won out.  I could feel Craig’s hands at my waist, pulling me onto his erection.  Oh, God, the surrender to desire, to Craig.  I wanted it.  I needed it.It wasn’t very long before I felt him spasm deep inside my bowels.  I looked back over my shoulder and we kissed.  Then, as his deflating member popped from my ass, I rolled over on top of him.  I wasn’t sure if he’d be okay with what I was about to do, but I didn’t ask.  I had another need to take care of.As we kissed, I grabbed the bottle of lubrication from the bedside table.  We continued the kiss, exploring each other’s mouth as I gently applied the cold lube to my aching cock.  I nudged his legs apart and went down on him, tasting the unique mixture of cum, lube, and ass.  One of my lube coated fingers coaxed its way between his cheeks, seeking his rear entrance.  Once found, the single finger became two.  Then… three.  Before long, Craig was writhing on the bed.  It was all I could do to keep his beautiful cock in my mouth.  Finally, he surrendered.“Please, please, please, Amos.  Fuck me.”Again, all the encouragement I needed.  I pushed his knees towards his chest, took a few good licks at his rosebud, then lined up to his entrance.  I’d had quite a few cocks up my ass before, and I had fucked a few women anally, but this was the first time I’d had any desire to plunge cock first up a man’s backside. He was tight, as tight as the first girl whose anal cherry I’d taken.  But he was willing, and boy how willing he was.  He kept begging for harder, deeper, faster.  He rolled us over and impaled himself viciously, mercilessly on my rock hard erection.  It was painfully delightful to watch.  I recognized that lust, knew it intimately.  I felt the familiar burn of orgasm approach.  I grabbed his hips and lunged my own hips upward as I slammed him down as hard as I could, then held him there as my orgasm released into his ass.I watched as his own cock fluttered, then erupted once again.  His hands were still on thighs, neither of us had touched him since I began the fucking.  His cum shot out, up past my belly, onto my chest.  One shot landed on my chin.  I grabbed his hands and pulled him down on top of me before he passed out.  He licked his own cum off my face as we kissed.“God, Amos.  Holy shit!  That felt so good,” he was still trying to catch his breath.  “I had forgotten how good it feels to just take it.  Fuck!  Thank you.”I was speechless, and just as much out of breath.  I was also a bit disappointed.  I’m not sure what I was hoping for, but I guess I just wasn’t a top.  I mean, I came, don’t get me wrong.  I had my fun.  And, he came as well, so he had his fun.  Hey, don’t get me wrong:  I’d do it again.  Just not nearly as often as taking it.After a few moments, our breathing returned to normal.  We fell asleep again. * * * * *This was the first time I actually paid attention while I slept with Craig.  I mean, slept slept with him.  We’d fucked so many times, however...  We’d never actually shared a bed where I noticed his needs, noticed his nuances.I slept and woke rested.  I felt rejuvenated, ready to take on the world.  The alarm wouldn’t go off for another hour.  Somehow, my arm was free.  For the first time, I’d been the big spoon and didn’t have a problem getting free of my bedmate.  Craig was out like a light.  I rose from the bed, embracing my nakedness.  I walked to the kitchen, ready for coffee.It didn’t take long to set the maker, and soon I was fully enrapt in the aroma of fresh-brewed java.  What is it I felt?  It was the feeling dew gets when condensing on the grass, the feeling of a feather freshly plucked from its wing, how a rock feels after it experienced its first human foot… That feeling you get when you fall in love for the first time, but…  I felt that feeling that happens when you fall in love for the last time for the first time.  All I could think of was her:  Katie.The coffee brewed.  I drank.  The whole first pot was in my belly before I thought about Craig.  The second was well on its way to being finished when I walked back to the bedroom to rouse him.  I pulled back the covers to reveal his naked body.Craig was younger than me.  Not by much, but in much better shape.  I smacked his butt playfully, making sure he was awake.  He moaned, but met my kiss halfway.  I watched as his Apollonic body stumbled to the kitchen.  After his first cup, he opened his eyes.  By the time my alarm went off, he was awake.  I got up and switched off the alarm.  I still, to this day, remember what he said when I returned.“Go get her.  She’s worth it,” he said.  “You motherfucker.”  I started laughing internally, but he continued.  “She doesn’t deserve you.  And I don’t mean that in the nice way.  You’re a shitty catch.”At that, I couldn’t help but laugh myself into a crying fit. * * * * *It was two weeks before I saw Katie or Craig.  I did see Liz a few times, but that was just in passing outside.  I don’t think I would have seen her either had it not been for the fact that we were neighbors.  That Tuesday I called out due to a fever, but that passed by Thursday and I was back to work.  I really just felt less than stellar for the next week or so, until the following Friday.  It was Friday evening that I finally contacted Liz.  Her car wasn’t at home, so I dialed her number.“Hey Liz,” I said when she picked up.“Amos!  Where have you been?”“Had a fever last week but just now beginning to feel like myself.  Katie told me to get her number from you.”“Oh, right.  I was supposed to text it to you.  I’ll send the text right now.  Everything okay with you?”“Yeah.  Like I said, I’m finally feeling better.  Have you guys set up that…”  I didn’t know where Liz was, so I didn’t want to be to blatantly obvious.  She knew what I meant.“No, actually.  I haven’t heard from Katie since Sunday.  And Craig…  I don’t have his info.”“Oh, well, I’ll contact him and see what’s up.  But really, I’m hoping to meet up with Katie this weekend if she’s available.”“Okay, hon.  I’ll talk to you soon.  And I’ll text her number to you right now.”I didn’t have to wait more than a minute before I got the text from Liz.  It was less than ten seconds later that I was calling Katie.  She didn’t answer, so I left a brief (not so brief) message telling her how I’d gotten sick but was better and would she be up to hanging out this weekend.  I ended by leaving my number, just in case.Maybe ten minutes passed before Katie called me back.“Hey, sexy.  So, you call a girl at 9 p.m. on a Friday and you don’t ask her out for a drink?”  I could hear the smile in her voice.“Hi, Katie.  I was hoping to hang out with you, but I was thinking more along the lines of tomorrow or Sunday.  I’m still getting over whatever it is I had, the Doc said it might linger, but I’m finally feeling okay.  I was planning on staying in tonight.”“Are you contagious?”“No.”“I’ll pick you up in twenty.  Be ready to spend the night at my place.  Or be ready to get punished!  Muwahahahah…” her evil laugh had me giggling.“Sounds good.  I’ll meet you outside.”I quickly packed an overnight bag - change of clothes, tooth brush, hairbrush, etc.  I checked the time:  still ten minutes before she’d be here.  I looked around the apartment trying to figure out what I could bring to help the mood.  An unopened bottle of Cabernet sat on the kitchen counter.  Should I bring it?  What could it hurt?  So I added the bottle to the bag, along with my travel corkscrew:  you never know.  There was still plenty of time, so I grabbed my phone charger out of the car, just in case and waited for my brunette goddess to arrive.What seemed like an hour passed before her car pulled in behind mine.  I looked at my watch:  she was three minutes early.

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