Big Pictures How To Have Sex Pictures Blonde Sitting Goat

Big Pictures How To Have Sex Pictures Blonde Sitting Goat

Continuing story; Please read Parts 1-9 first My boyfriend’s brother broadens my experience and talents.   My life settled into a new routine over the next several weeks.   I was fucking my three boys regularly, rarely missing a day and often fitting two in after school. I was meeting with my boyfriend’s brother less frequently than the other two, but the sessions with him were more sexually adventurous.   I think it was because he was a bit older, more confident, and demanding in what he wanted. There was very little ceremony when I met with him.   He would just put his hands on me and start feeling me as he wanted. Hands under my shirt to feel my tits; up my skirt to finger me; pull my pants off and spread my legs on the couch while he fingered me.   He told me about some other girls in his year he had fucked. I couldn’t work out whether his assertiveness came from wanting to repeat what he had done with those girls, or do to me what they had denied him.   Either way, I didn’t really care, so long as he did it to me and I looked forward to doing something new.   Regardless of whatever else we did, he always pulled his cock out himself and held my head between his hands while he pushed it into my mouth.   I always loved that bit; loved the feeling of it sliding in and filling my mouth, pressing into my throat, pulling back and pushing in further.   Sometimes he would just do that with me.   Fuck my mouth.   Push into my throat, again and again until he emptied himself in there, triggering my spontaneous orgasm.   After I sucked it clean, he would send me home. It was during one of these sessions; he lodged his knob in my throat and held it there. “Swallow” he said. I expected him to come in my mouth then; but nothing happened.   I waited.   Still nothing.   I pulled back to get a breath and looked up at him with questioning eyes.   He didn’t look like he was close to orgasm. “Swallow when I stick it in your throat” he said, and pushed it in again. I breathed in and relaxed my throat for him to lodge his knob.   He held it there and said again; “Swallow now” I made a swallowing motion with my throat which made me give a small cough.   He made a pleasure groan and pulled back quickly. “Oohh. Good. Again” he said. He pushed and lodged into my throat again.   I swallowed and he pulled out.   I caught on and got into his rhythm, cycling my breathing with his strokes.   Every time he lodged into my throat I made a swallow motion with my throat, controlled the reflex and breathed again.   We developed a rhythmic cycle where I swallowed every time he hit my throat. He started moaning quickly and speeded up his pushing.   I made a swallow action every time and he quickly erupted in my throat.   This time I was really swallowing, gulping down his semen while he hammered into me holding the back of my head and pushing it onto his cock.   He was very vocal, making loud grunts and “ahh fuck”s while he blew his load.   My spontaneous orgasm was secondary to me.   The reaction I had caused in him wasn’t.  After he finished and I had sucked him clean, he said it was the best suck job he had ever had.   He explained that there was a roughish texture at the back of the tongue and in the throat.   When I swallowed on his knob it was like an extra squeeze on it and the texture made it feel really good.   This was why he came so quickly. This was fascinating news to me.   He told me he had read about it in a porn book and wanted to see if it was true.   He assured me it was the ultimate head job.   I sent this to the memory banks. I started arse play during this time with him.   He was more dominant and assertive than the other two boys and never seemed to care much if I liked or didn’t like what he wanted to do.   He just did it.   I liked this approach and from my experience with him, it became my approach to sex also.  Just do what you want unless they complain. He had a habit he enjoyed of kneeling on the floor while I slumped on the couch facing him.   He would fold my knees back and out, pull me forward to the edge of the couch and roll my hips back.   In this position, he could see into my cunt, my arse and do anything to me.   On one of our days, he put me in this position to play with me, fingering me, pulling my lips out and licking me.   I used to feel very dirty and horny doing thi
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s and on this particular afternoon urged him on to put more fingers in.   “Deeper; wider; one more.   How many?   One more.   Push”. I had him pushing four fingers into me, getting them almost to their end.   I tried hard, stretching myself, holding his hand and pushing it hard into me until it couldn’t go any further. I had an urge to take more into me, be open, bigger; bigger than all of them! He slid his hand out and stood up. “Wait there a minute” he said, and walked around the couch.   He reappeared a moment later with a glass drink bottle and knelt between my legs again.   I felt some slight alarm as he made his intentions clear by pushing it against my entrance.   This dissolved as soon as I felt the bottle tip pop inside me.   I watched it, and watched him watching it, while he rotated and pushed it into me.   This drink company kindly puts a spirally swirl pattern on their bottles and it felt wonderful.   He slid it in and out, rotating it and pushing deeper.   I relaxed back, closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling.   It progressively made me wider and wider and I was enjoying that ‘full’ feeling I loved so much.   My cunt started leaking as he swirled the bottle in me and rubbed his thumb over my clit.   I could feel my cunt dribble running down over my arse hole and had an urge.   I held his hand and moved it down to my arse.   I pressed a finger against my hole.   He rubbed my cunt dribble around it and pushed his finger in a bit.   Bliss.   Dirty, so filthy.   I pushed my arse against his finger inviting more of it in.   He took his cue quickly and started giving some very solid thrusts.   It burned a bit at first, but that soon passed as my arse relaxed around his finger and I could feel his folded hand resting against my arse cheeks.   This was so good.   My cunt full of bottle and a finger all the way up my arse.   My boy was starting to get very active with the bottle and it was feeling too good.   I wanted to feel his fat cock filling me again.   I pulled his hand with the bottle out and slid off his finger.   I turned over onto my knees and presented myself.   He was into me quickly with that beautiful fat cock stretching me once more.   God it was nice.   Warm and stiff and wide.   It wasn’t stretching me as much as the bottle had, but it had a warmth and softness that you can’t explain.   I rested my head on the back of the couch again while he fucked into me from behind.   How many times now?   Twenty?   Thirty? Not enough, I decided.   I could sense his rhythm.   He was not in a hurry.   He fucked me steadily, his hips making smacking sounds hitting my bum.   His swinging balls were giving a nice slap against my flaps.   I felt him press his finger tip against my arse hole again.   Oh yes.   Please do.   I rolled up and hunched my shoulders down so my arse would push higher to give him the ok.    He took his finger away and I felt a stream of liquid land in my arse crack.   He had dribbled a mouthful of spit into my arse.   He wiped his finger down my crack to my hole and pressed it into me.   I was open.   I was needy.   His finger slid in until I felt his fist resting in my crack.   I jiggled my arse back and forward on his finger and he started a sliding arse fucking motion with it.   A cock sliding in and out of my cunt and a finger doing the same in my arse.   What joy.   My rumblings started quickly after his finger went up my arse.   I didn’t move.   I just knelt there, open, feeling his cock slapping in me and his finger sliding up my arse.   I know I made noises when my orgasm swamped me.   It was huge; my muscles contracting hard around my invaders.   My hips became alive, pushing back against the cock and finger, wanting it deeper and harder.   Hearing my orgasm brought my boy alive.   He started battering me, slapping into my arse and pulling my hips back onto him until he lost his load inside me.   The warmth and wetness is beautiful, making everything slick and soft.   He collapsed onto my back and I collapsed onto the couch.   We lay there puffing in a heap.   I felt his cock start shrinking and my arse hole tightening around his finger. After we had our breath back, he slipped his cock out and kneeled in front of my face so I could suck him clean.   I loved this act.   I wished boys would do it for me. Part 11 to follow.

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