Brunettes fuck in the bathroom

Brunettes fuck in the bathroom

Chapter 1: Summer vacation is here at last! Just in time too or I would have gone insane! I thought to myself as I packed my suitcase. "Anya are you packed?" I heard my mom yell up at me. "Almost mom I just have to throw in my bathing suit and my make-up!" "Well hurry up," she replied, "our flight leaves in 3 hours and we have to be at the airport 2 hours early since it's an international flight!" We had a 9 pm flight which meant we had to be there at 7pm, thanks to the increased security and what not. I couldn't wait! My whole family- which includes my mom, dad, and older brother Erik- was headed to Spain for an entire month! I've never been before but I knew it'd be awesome...unless Erik decided to be a complete douche to me as usual! I hurriedly packed the last of my stuff and lugged my bright pink suitcase down the stairs, almost tripping over Erik. "Watch where you're going Barbie," Erik yelled. Erik loves to call me Barbie even though he KNOWS I detest it! I can't help it if I can be a bit girly at times! I love the color pink and I love getting all dolled up, but that doesn't mean that I don't also like sports, fast cars and hanging with the guys! And it certainly doesn't mean I'm some dumb blonde bimbo who has more tits than brains! Granted I am a D cup but who cares? It's not like they're fake! "Well excuse me you dumb jock!" Erik isn't dumb but he certainly is a jock. He plays basketball and is on the swim team at University of Chicago so he's pretty...ok really... buff. He towers over me which is pretty crazy considering I'm 6 feet tall. He's about 6'5 but that's where our similarities in appearance end. I have shoulder length honey blonde hair with brighter blonde bits mixed in and sky blue eyes. I'm pretty light skinned...not pasty or anything, just not super tan like all the other girls I know. Erik on the other hand, is tall dark and, I guess, handsome. He has dark brown hair that he wears gelled to perfection and light brown eyes surrounded by lush lashes. Where my face is subtly angular, high cheekbones and deep eyes, his is almost sculpted with prominent cheekbones and a hard jaw. "Everybody out the door NOW," my mom screamed. My mom isn't one for pleasantries or subtleties. Her temper is as fiery as her hair and her patience is non-existent. She's a great mom but she's no June Cleaver, that's for sure. I rushed out the door and handed my bag off to my dad to pack into the trunk. Erik was right behind me with his bag and tossed it to our dad. "Let's go people," my dad yelled. We all piled into our new Jeep and we were on our way to the Chicago O'Hare airport! Chapter 2 After what seemed like hours, we finally pulled into the airport parking garage and then headed to check in for our flight to Madrid. Everything managed to go off without a hitch and we breezed through security and arrived at our gate right on time. As we sat down at our gate and looked at our tickets...well that's when the shit really hit the fan. "What the heck mom! I don't want to sit next to Barbie for the whole flight to Spain! Are you kidding me," my brother complained. "Grow up Erik! Your father and I are going to spend the flight in first class enjoying ourselves away from you and your sisters constant bickering so you can just sit in coach together and deal with it or you don't have to go to Spain!" My mom wasn’t one to mince words. I was not happy! I can barely stand to be in the same room with Erik! How the hell was I going to manage a whole flight!? Soon they called for first class to board and our parents boarded the flight ahead of us. "Fucking lucky." Ugh. I didn’t want to sit next to Erik for the entire flight, but I figured I’d try not to make a bad situation even worse. "Listen Erik, I know I'm not your favorite person and you're sure as hell not mine, but I want to enjoy myself on this trip and I don't want this flight to spoil it so let's just be civil ok? Or can you not even give me that?" "Fine Anya!" We heard our section called over the intercom and boarded our plane. Somehow we managed to snag the exit row seats which meant we could stretch our legs! Thank God too because my legs are over 3 feet long and there was no way I could sit behind some dude who kept reclining on my legs! Not only that but we had the whole exit row to ourselves! The airplane gods were smiling upon us! We listened to the boring safety lecture that I’m pretty sure I can recite backwards, and then the captain announced we were 3rd for take off! I started reading my Glamour magazine and soon we were taking off into the sky! I hadn’t slept the night before; I was just too excited, so as we cruised through the air I started to drift off to the sounds of the plane. As I slept I dreamt of the fun I would have in Spain. I was lying on the beach in front of our hotel trying to get some sun when I felt warm, muscular hands massaging tanning oil into my back. It felt so good. I turned to look who it was and it was Erik! He had this look in his eye like he wanted to devour me! He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, working his tongue into my mouth as his hand played with my breast. It felt so amazing! His mouth left mine and he trailed kisses down my neck to my collar bone, nibbling on it until he suddenly took my nipple into his mouth. Electricity shot through me and I moaned. "Anya you ok there buddy," I heard my brother laugh. I opened my eyes to see that I had fallen asleep on Erik's shoulder. "Oh, um...I must've dozed off. I'm sorry um my bad," I mumbled as I stared at Erik's lips. "Haha must've been some dream!” I felt all the blood in my body rush to my face. Thank God he couldn’t read my mind. “Don’t worry about it Anya! Go back to sleep. We still have a few hours left.” I was so groggy that I closed my eyes and quickly fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.“Anya! ANYA!” I woke up to Erik shaking me. “What the fuck Erik?! I was sleeping!” “No shit Sherlock! But we’re getting ready to land.” "Woah!!!! What time is it?!" "4 pm Madrid time!" I gathered my things together as we landed. I looked out the window. It took my breath away! Everything was so bright and beautiful. As I gazed out the window taking in the beauty of España, the people ahead of us filed out of the plane. "Come on Anya!" Erik said. I grabbed my purse and rushed off the plane, Erik close behind. We met up with our parents at baggage claim and grabbed our suitcases, mine of course being bright pink with polka sue me. "Did we rent a car?" I asked my mom. "No we don't really need one can walk pretty much everywhere or use the public transportation so we just hired a car to take us to our condo." We looked around for the driver who would take us to our place. "There he is", Erik said. Our driver was holding a sign with our last name on it. He was gorgeous! Standing in a black suit, our driver had longer black hair that was slicked back away from his face and captivating blue eyes. “Dear God I hope all the men in Spain look like this,” I thought to myself. "Hola Samson family. I'm Ricardo and I'll take you to your condo, Vista del Sol. I see you already found your bags! Very lucky none were lost! People are not usually so lucky! Is everyone ready to go? The car is just out front." We followed him outside to a town car and all piled in as he loaded our luggage. We drove by beautiful buildings and monuments. Ricardo pointed some of them out but I didn't really pay attention, I was too excited! "Do you like to dance," he asked me and my brother. "Oh yeah! Who doesn't?” “Do you have many clubs here," I asked. "Si, many! But here we call them diskotekas or diskos. In fact there is a very popular one close to your condo!" "Oh awesome! Can I go mom?" "I don't want you going by yourself, especially in a foreign city! If you want to go, you'll have to convince your brother to go with you." Ugh. If we had been back in the States...I would have said it wasn't worth spending time with Erik. But how often would I get a chance to go to a disko in Spain? "How about it Erik? You can just pretend you don't know I normal." "Fine by me!!" Erik said, "Just don't talk to me, stand near me, or embarrass me."Chapter 3 We pulled up to our home away from home a little while later. It was so cool! It was in an older building with the most beautiful Moorish architecture. Ricardo grabbed our bags out for us and gave us his card. "Let me know if you need another ride!"  My parents tipped him well and we walked through the doors of the building to the elevator that would take us to our condo on the 5th floor of the building. "Ok kids, first we need to go to 510 to get the key from our next door neighbor. She owns our condo and rents it out to tourists in the summer." My dad got the key and we went to wait at our door. He came back with the key and when he opened the door I think we were all a little overwhelmed by how large our home for the next two weeks was. The door opened onto a huge entry way and then the kitchen on the right with the family room behind it. On the left were three doors and then a circular staircase up to an enclosed loft. "Alright kids! Your mom and I will take the loft and you two can have the rooms down here." I rushed to see what the rooms looked like. I opened the door to my room and saw that t had a big king-sized bed and an antique dresser with a flat screened TV above it. And the views onto the street below were so different from what I was used to back in the states. Everything had such an old world feel. "Nice room! Mine is pretty much the same," I heard Erik say from behind me. "Kids," my mom yelled, "come out here!” "Yeah mom," I said as we made our way into the main room, "what is it?" "Your father and I are going out to dinner and to a party one of his old college friends is having. You remember Ignacio don't you? He moved back here so we're going to be going there tonight.” “If you want to go out tonight to the disko you can, as long as you stay together. Your dad exchanged some money so here's 100 Euros. You can walk around for a while or lounge here until you leave. We probably won't be back until the morning and I doubt you will either. Just be careful!" "Thanks mom! Have fun", I said. As my parents got ready to go out to dinner, Erik and I decided to head out and do a little bit of exploring before we headed to the club. We walked on the cobbled streets past old buildings and shops, stopping here and there to look at things that caught our eyes.  We kept walking until my stomach started grumbling. "Hey Erik, I'm getting kind of hungry and I don't think there's anything to eat at the condo. Can we stop and grab something?" "If I get food poisoning I'm blaming you Anya." "Relax Erik...this isn't some third world country! It's Europe...just don't eat anything weird." As we continued walking, my stomach grumbled louder and louder. "Erik. Look!" I pointed off to my left at a small café-type restaurant. "What the hell is that in the window," Erik asked. "Erik. Can't you read? It's a Greek café! That's a leg of lamb roasting on a spit. It's used to make gyros!" "Are you sure Anya? I thought we were in Spain...not Greece!" "Yes! It says right there 'Café Greco.' It means Greek café...remember I passed Spanish unlike you! And Spain has a lot of Greek influences! They don't just have Spanish restaurants dumbass!" I boldly entered the café in front of Erik, taking in the delicious smell of lamb roasting and baklava baking. There was a small handwritten menu propped up on the counter and a young man, probably about 28, standing behind it ready to take orders. I heard Erik come in behind me as I read through the menu...all in Greek and Spanish of course. "Yeah uhm what do you guys have here," I heard Erik say. "Que?" The young man responded. "No hablo ingles." "Erik you dumbass! There's a menu right there!" "I don't know what it says!" "Ugh....what do you want?" "Gyros and fries and a coke." "Alright I'll order then. But fries here are more like fried potatoes." "Hola señor," I began, "Nosotros queremos dos gyros con papas fritas y para beber, una coca cola y una fanta naranja." He looked at me in he couldn't believe I spoke Spanish. "Claro...25 Euros por favor," he finally said. I handed him the money then took a seat at a nearby table to wait. I looked at my watch and realized I hadn't reset it and had no clue what time it was. "Hey Erik. What time is it?" " Fuck if I know." "Wow...what a gentleman." I looked to the young man at the counter. "Perdóname pero, sabes qué hora es?" "Si, son las ocho y media." We had been walking along for longer than we thought. "Erik it's already 8:30. Once we're done eating, we had better head back. It'll probably take us close to an hour to walk back and the clubs open at midnight and we still have to get ready." "Señorita, tu comida esta lista!" I got up and grabbed our food and drinks and sat back down. Erik and I quickly dug into the food, not wasting any time, glad that we didn't have to make forced chit chat. Once we were finished, I threw away our trash and we left to walk back. Chapter 4 It took us a little less than an hour to make it back to the condo, since we had an actual destination and weren't just going for a stroll. "I'm going to go jump in the shower," Erik said once we got back into the condo. "Hurry up!" I went into my room and unpacked some clothes and plugged in my hair straightener. As I waited for it to heat up I put on my makeup paying special attention to my eyes. I love making them pop even more! I applied one shade of brown shadow over the entire lid, then a darker one in the crease, and finally a shimmery white on my brow bones. I then carefully lined my eyes with a navy blue eye liner and put on jet black mascara. Finally I put on some plumping lip gloss to make my lips look even fuller and poutier. I straightened my long hair and then tried to decide what to wear. I finally decided on an uber short zebra print mini skirt and a lacy, almost see-through black halter top. I put on my best Victoria's Secret pushup bra-yes you can improve on nature- and my favorite black g-string and then put on my outfit. I decided to wear 2'' black platform heels too, even though I'm already taller than most guys. I walked over to the mirror to see how I looked. "Not bad," I thought. The heels made my legs look even longer and my butt even rounder. The skirt clung to my ass making me glad I was wearing a G-string. The halter top was form fitting, emphasizing my large bust, tiny waist, and flared hips. I was blessed with an hour glass shape and a nice set of tits if I do say so myself. I walked out to see if Erik was ready....he wasn't... Ugh what a pretty boy, I thought to myself. I knocked on the bathroom door. "Let's go!" I opened the door a crack and saw Erik doing his hair, naked! "What the hell Anya! I'm getting ready!" He was gorgeous! His arms were built but not bulgy, and his forearms were so deliciously muscular and slightly veined. His pecs were well-defined and his abs were a work of art, like the statue David in the flesh. I slammed the door. "Don't yell at me Erik! You're the dumb fuck who left the door unlocked!" I could dish out the insults too. I sat out on the couch and tried not to think about my brother's body. After 10 minutes he finally came out and I stood up. "What the fuck are you wearing Anya?" "We're going to a disko...this is what people wear!" "You look like such a slut! Did you bring condoms? Why don't you just wear a sign that says, I'm easy please fuck me?" "Fuck you Erik! Just because all you can think about is sticking your dick in something doesn't mean that that's what every other guy thinks about 24/7. Let's just get to the fucking disko and then we can do our own thing you prick!" I stormed out the door with Erik trailing behind me. "Ricardo said the disko was a block away," Erik said. We walked the block in complete silence, both of us upset.Chapter 5 We got to the doors of the disko, a tiny building that barely looked big enough to hold 10 people, and pulled out our ids. Outside the door stood a burly man who I assumed was the bouncer and a smaller man handing out tickets. "$20 euros por favor. Aquí están sus boletas de bebidas." "Gracias," I responded somewhat quizzically, "What'd he say," Erik asked. "Well, apparently the 20 Euros includes 2 free drinks." I was looking forward to letting loose, and what better way than to get a little buzzed and dance the night away? As we entered the building I saw a set of stairs leading down and nothing else. "Fun, it looks like it's below ground!" I walked down the stairs and I got my first real view of the club. It was huge - at least 5,000 square feet. Big, overstuffed leather sofas everywhere and 2 long bars along either side of the massive room. In the center of the room against the wall was a DJ in his booth and in front of it, a huge silver dance floor! There were booths scattered throughout and I could see some couples having a verrryyy good time. I gladly left Erik behind and made my way to the bar, intent on having a good time no matter what! I ordered 2 Long Island Iced teas...I'd never drank before but I heard they were good! I gulped them both down and left the glasses at the counter and made my way to the dance floor. The music was fast-paced and loud, just like I liked it. I started dancing, moving my hips to the music and shaking my ass. I got lost in the music, forgetting my jerk of a brother. The room was dark except for a strobe light and some lighting near the bars. I was absorbed by the dancing mass of people, just one person moving with the beat. Suddenly I felt someone behind me, dancing on me. I looked back and when the strobe light flashed again I saw one of the most gorgeous guys I had ever seen. He had short tousled black hair and the most amazing luminous green eyes that were so bright they almost glowed. His utterly kissable mouth was in a smirk and when I looked into his eyes, he winked. "Hola guapa, como estas? "Hhhi, no hablo espanol, soy estadounidense." "Haha! You lie! You just spoke Spanish!" "True...but that's about all I can say," I lied. "Fair enough. I'm Felipe. Dance with me?" "I'm Anya, and...sure." I was pretty shocked. I don’t really think I’m very pretty, and this guy was definitely a 10 on the hotness scale. He quickly pulled me against him and we began dancing, our bodies totally in synch. My ass pressed against his groin, my back against his chest, his hands on my waist. It was so hot. I could feel his muscles against my back as I grinded against him and worked my ass into his crotch. "Mmmm... muy bien. You dance very well." "Thanks," I replied. The song changed to one that was even faster paced and I quickly changed my pace to match it. Moving my hips faster, my chest moving up and down, my hands running through my hair. I wasn't used to having such a hot guy interested in me...I had only recently gotten a figure- I was a bit of a late bloomer, a curse of the women in my family. I could feel the alcohol buzzing through my system, my arms and legs felt light and everything tingled. I could feel Felipe
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's cock stirring against the thin fabric of my skirt, but that only made me grind against him harder. 'Hmmm...I like this,' I thought to myself. I was horribly inexperienced, but I liked what was going on. Felipe began to thrust against me a little bit and I could hear him breathing a little faster. The music began to slow down again. I felt his lips brush against my neck and I felt my body respond. "You're making me very... happy guapa, maybe we can sit down for a bit? I need to catch my breath after that yes?" Not thinking anything of it, I let him lead me off of the dance floor to one of the booths over in a corner. I slipped in against the wall and he slid in next to me. I felt Felipe's hands on me as he turned my head to face him. "Que guapa," he murmured as he slowly leaned towards me, his green eyes filled with lust. He came closer and closer, as if in slow motion. My lips parted, my eyes locked with his. I felt his lips brush against mine, lightly, sensuously. My body felt like it was on fire. I had never even been kissed before! But what a great guy to kiss for the very first time! His hands were on my neck, with his thumbs brushing my face. He deepened the kiss, kissing me harder, his mouth moving against mine. I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and stroke mine. It felt so good! 'No wonder my friends squeal about kissing so much...this is amazing', I thought to myself.I felt his hand leave my face as we continued kissing. He began to cup my breast and I could feel my nipple harden through the fabric of my bra and thin halter top. I felt like I was electrified, like there was an electrical cord running between my breast and my pussy. I pushed my body against his hand. Suddenly, I felt his hand against my panties. He began rubbing me through the thin fabric of my g-string. He quickly slipped a finger into my pussy. I broke the kiss and pushed him away. I was fine with the kissing, but we were in public! I didn’t care what they did in Spain! I wasn’t going to be touched for the first time in the middle of a crowded club. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I don't know you well enough for this!" I said, as some of the fog cleared from my mind. "No, you want this guapa," he responded, and shoved 2 fingers into my pussy as he crushed my mouth against his. With his other hand, he began undoing his pants and then he freed his cock from his underwear.I was shocked! How could he be so bold? He grabbed my hand and put it on his throbbing dick. "No! Get off of me! Let me out! NOW!" My mind was working fine now. "You cannot get me all hard like this and then not finish, puta!" He tried to force my head down to his cock. I pushed him and tried to get past him but he had me trapped between a wall and a hard place. He came towards me, ripping my g-string off as he came closer. He was positioning his dick against me as I tried to fight him. Why was no one coming to help me? As I looked around I saw that everyone was absorbed in what they were doing…no one noticed what was going on in this dark corner of the club. All of the sudden - I saw his face snap around and then, I saw blood everywhere. I looked up and there was Erik. He grabbed me under my arms and lifted me up and out of the booth. "Stay the fuck away from my sister, you fucking asshole!" I turned around to see blood pouring out of Felipe's nose. "Let's go Anya." I could feel tears running down my cheeks. I was sobbing hysterically and could barely walk I was so overwhelmed and still a little tipsy, and the heels didn't help either. Erik swiftly picked me up into his arms, cradling me like a baby. He ran up the stairs and out the front door of the club and didn't stop until we were greeted by the brisk night air. "Are you ok Anya? I'm so sorry! I should've stayed closer! I shouldn't have let you drink! I forget how young you innocent. I'm so sorry! Did he hurt you? I swear I'll kill him! Anya? Anya?" I must've zoned out. "Erik, I'm ok. Thanks to you! If you hadn't been there...I don't know...." My voice trailed off, unable to say what would have happened.I had never been more appreciative of my brother. Even though he’s a jerk…he was there when I needed him most. I felt his free hand lift my chin to look him in the eye. I could see the fear, the worry, the anger, and the love in his eyes, for the first time since we were kids. He broke the gaze as he sat me down. "Well, here we are sis, home sweet condo." "Already?" "It was only a block were kinda out of it." He opened the main door and then put his arm around me as he guided me to the elevator. He pushed the 5th floor and as the doors closed I felt his arms surround me, pulling me into a tight embrace. I felt so warm and safe in his arms. I just wanted to stay in his arms forever. The elevator doors opened and he walked me to our condo door. He let his arm drop from around me just long enough to unlock the door and hold it open for me. When we got inside and the door closed behind us he walked me to the sofa and sat down, pulling me onto his lap. "I'm so sorry Anya...I'm so sorry," I could see the guilt written all over his face. "Erik, it's not your fault! I shouldn't have drank...I shouldn't have worn that! You were right! You have nothing to be sorry for! You saved me!" We sat in silence for awhile, Erik just holding me, rocking me, soothing me. Minutes passed until he broke the silence."No...I'm sorry for...for...everything...for being such a jerk to you." I searched his eyes as he gazed into mine. "It's ok Erik," I said as I smiled up at him, feeling better now. He wiped my drying tears away and smiled back. As we continued to stare into each other's eyes his brow furrowed. He looked as though he was waging a battle within himself. "What's wrong Erik?" "I....I love you Anya." I smiled bigger. "I love you too, big bro." I felt so thankful to have Erik. It was as though all of the fighting from over the past two years just ceased to have happened. We were back to being big brother and little sister instead of enemies. "No Anya...I mean...I love you. Not like a big brother should...listen I'm sorry...I...I'm gonna go to bed. Let me up." My jaw dropped. I tried desperately to comprehend what he was saying…but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. As I studied him it all began to make sense...the way he began to treat me as I matured. As my body developed, our once close relationship deteriorated. He was trying to keep himself away from me...emotionally and physically. He started to get up. "Wait," I cried, not only because he was about to dump me onto the floor. He looked at me quizzically, searchingly. I looked into his eyes and slowly sat up. I leaned in close and brushed my lips against his. "I love you too Erik," I said as I held his gaze. How could I not? He was gorgeous, tall, athletic, smart…he was everything I was looking for in a guy…I just wasn’t expecting my dream guy to be my brother. As soon as I had said it, it was like the floodgates opened. He crushed my lips with his, grasping my head with his hands as he took the kiss deeper and deeper. I felt his lips move against mine and I parted my lips. His tongue ran along my lips and then slipped into my mouth. He held me tighter and began stroking my tongue with his. My whole body felt alive! 'This is what a kiss should be', I thought to myself, 'there is nothing sweeter'. I could feel myself getting wet as he continued to kiss me. I kissed him back, harder, fighting him for control. I let my hands wander across his body, the body I had less than 2 hours ago seen naked. Down his chest, across his hard abs. I slipped my hands under his shirt and began stroking his abs lightly with the tips of my fingernails. I could feel him shudder against me. I continued to lightly stroke his abs, while I stroked my tongue along his. I could feel him harden against me. He began to kiss me deeper than I thought possible. Our passion was tangible. Even though he was my brother, it felt right. He knew me better than anyone else, and despite that, he loved me. He wrapped me in his arms and suddenly stood up with me in his arms, carrying me to my room, all the while never breaking the kiss. He gently set me down on the bed and lay next to me. He kissed me softly on the lips, just a light brush of his lips against mine. He kissed me again, just as softly, a whisper of a kiss. I felt drunk, but not from alcohol, from Erik. His lips left mine and met my throat, and I swear I saw sparks. He kissed below my ear, and then trailed the kisses down my neck, tiny soft kisses. He kissed my collar bone, and then nipped at it. His hands caressed my body as he moved his mouth across my collarbone to the hollow between my collarbones. He nipped at it, causing goose bumps to prickle my skin. He licked at the delicate flesh as his hands moved to my chest, delicately stroking my firm breasts through my thin shirt. He trailed kisses down my chest between my breasts, kneading my large breasts with his strong hands. His hands were rough yet soft at the same time. I could feel my nipples harden despite the layers between my body and his hands. Then he moved one of his hands aside and placed his mouth around my nipple and began to suck through the fabric of my shirt and bra. "Oh my God! Oh my God," I shouted as I felt electricity shoot from my hardened nipples to my moistening pussy. I never knew that I could be so turned on, or that my brother would be the one to turn me on so much. He lifted his mouth and gently took off my shirt. I leaned forward and he slipped his hands behind me to unclasp my bra. As my breasts came into view, Erik's breath grew quicker. "They're beautiful," he murmured. I've always thought my nipples were too big. They’re the same color as my lips surrounded by a darker pink areola the size of a large silver dollar. He ran his thumbs across my nipples, causing them to harden even more. Then he leaned down and flicked his tongue across a nipple. "OH MY GOD!" I shouted. He ran his tongue around my nipple in circles, then did the same to the other nipple. He began to just use the very tip of his tongue to tease the very tip of my fully erect and hard nipple. All at once he took my entire nipple into his mouth suckling on it while his hand played with my other breast. I moaned his name and he sucked harder, as though willing milk to flow from it into his mouth. I pressed his head closer and he continued to suck harder. I held his head against my breast as he continued to suckle at my nipple, running my nails through his hair. Suddenly he let go and let his saliva fall from his open mouth onto my nipple. He then leaned down close and blew hard across the wet surface. "OOOOO!" My whole body shuddered. I was turned on more than I thought was possible. I wanted him to feel as turned on as I was. I sat up suddenly and tore off his shirt and pushed him onto his back, throwing my leg over him and straddling him. Once I had mounted him, I leaned down and took his nipple in my mouth and began to suck hard. "Holy fuck Anya!" I sucked harder, then bit his nipple lightly. His whole body jerked and he moved his cock against my pussy as I kept nibbling. I went back to sucking his nipple while I grinded my pussy along his rock hard cock, humping against it. "MMMM Anya." I started kissing lower and lower, nipping along his abs. I slipped off of him and began to lightly run my tongue across his abs. He moaned loudly. I realized that his pleasure was an aphrodisiac for me. I ran my tongue lower, down his abs to his belted pants. I undid the belt quickly with my hands then fastened my mouth around the button holding his jeans together and undid it using just my mouth. I looked up at him; I could see the pure lust in his eyes. I lowered the zipper with my teeth all the while continuing to stare into my own brother's eyes. I lowered his pants and stared at his cock barely contained by his black boxer briefs. I began to run my fingernails up and down his legs ever so softly. He shuddered and his whole body prickled with goose bumps. Then I kissed the inside of his knee, kissing my way up to his inner thigh, and then switching legs. As I continued to trail kisses up and down his legs, yet never once reaching his dick, I lightly ran my fingers across his rock hard abs."You're torturing me," Erik rasped. I just grinned. I suddenly kissed his cock through his briefs and I could feel his cock leap. I sucked hard through the fabric and when I pulled away his dick was even bigger. I blew across the soaking wet fabric and I heard Erik let out a shaky breath. I quickly pulled off his underwear and immediately leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock. I could taste pre-cum. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...faintly salty. I flicked my strong tongue across the tip, back and forth, never touching his shaft. As he moaned, I began to circle the tip with my tongue, slowly licking all around it. His dick seemed to harden even more as I continued my delicate licking. "Anya," he gasped. As my name left his mouth, I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked, just at the tip. Then, ever so slowly, I took his dick into my mouth, inch by inch. I almost had the whole 9 inches in my mouth when I pulled my mouth out, spit on the tip, and blew across it. He moaned loudly. I spit on it some more and then put the palm of my hand against his tip and moved it in hard circles. "OOOhhh fuck sis! Ohhh!" Just as suddenly as I had taken his dick out of my mouth, I took all 9 inches back into my mouth, every single inch. I began using my throat muscles to squeeze his dick as my lips sucked his dick. I looked into the lust-filled eyes of my older brother while I continued to deep throat him.I don’t know how I knew what I was doing…I just did what I thought would bring him the most pleasure.As I sucked I used my tongue to lick his dick and used my hand to knead his balls. I could see sweat begin to drip down his hard body, and his breathing quickened. I smiled around his cock and winked. "Sis, stop!" I pulled my mouth off, afraid I had done something wrong. "Why? Did I do something wrong?" "If you don't stop I'll cum! And I need to fuck you now!" He pushed me onto my back on the bed and got up on his knees. He pulled down my skirt. "Lift your hips up." I obeyed and he pulled my skirt all the way off and threw it aside. I was completely naked, my pussy was bared for him to see and I felt self-conscious. I had started shaving ever since my childhood friend Liza told me it was gross not to, but what if he didn't like it? What if it didn’t look right? My fears were forgotten as he leaned down and licked at my pussy. He ran his tongue along my slit and used his thumb to rub my clit. I moaned his name and grabbed his hair. I began to grind against his mouth. Then, he inserted a finger about two inches into me and latched onto my clit with his mouth. He suckled at my clit the same way he had suckled at my breast. Suddenly, he bit it and I screamed from the combination of pain and pleasure. He then quickly switched back to sucking on it, leaving just pleasure. He knew what he was doing. He licked my clit as he sucked it and then hooked his fingers into my pussy, finding my g-spot. I felt my whole body tense up. I was going to cum! I couldn't believe it! He had just started! "I'm gonna cum!" I shouted.  He sucked harder and as I felt the pleasure mounting and my body began to tense even more, he stopped. I opened my eyes in shock. "Why did you...." As I looked down I saw his cock lined up at the entrance to my virgin pussy. Suddenly he rammed every inch of his cock into me, ripping my hymen in one thrust. I screamed in pain. It was like I had been ripped in half the pain was so intense. He held his dick still and moved his finger to rub my clit. He rubbed it faster and faster. The pain was quickly replaced by the most incredible pleasure. Then his cock began to move in me. He slowly drew it almost all the way out, holding it there with just the tip inside me, then rammed it back into me causing me to moan. He slowly fucked me all the while playing with my clit. It felt so amazing. I never wanted it to end. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him deeper. He started picking up the pace, fucking me harder and faster, humping against me. "Awww fuck sis, you're so fucking tight," he grunted. I had never been that interested in sex, but now that I was having it for the first time..."Erik, you feel so good in me. Promise me we can do this whenever I want." He didn't say anything; he just crushed his mouth against mine and began to fuck me harder. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and began to fuck my mouth with his tongue as his cock fucked my tight, wet pussy. His nipples rasped across mine and his body grinded against my clit. I grabbed his ass, pulling him closer and deeper. The sensations of our bodies moving against each other, with each other, was mind-blowing. I began to hump against him, meeting him thrust for thrust. I felt my body tense and the pleasure start to mount higher and higher. "Erik! Erik!" "Yeah baby?!!" "I'm gonna cum! Oh my god!! I'm gonna cum!" "OOO fuck yeah sis! Fucking cum for me Anya!" The pleasure built to an incredible level, higher than I ever thought possible. "Cum sis! Cum all over your brother's hard cock!" "Oh my God! ERIK!" I screamed, as he fucked me harder and faster. "Cum for me! Fucking cum for me baby! Let me feel your pussy squeezing my cock! Come on baby! Fucking cum!" I felt like a guitar string winded so tight I would break! He leaned down and sucked my nipple and that was all it took! "OHhhhh ERIKKKKKK! Erik! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I saw light flash! My ass came off the bed, my pussy clenched hard around his cock. Clenched and unclenched. Clenched and unclenched. Humping at my brothers cock, trying to take him deeper as my pussy tried to milk the cum out of his cock. I continued to spasm. "I.....I'm cumming for YOU big brother," I managed to gasp out as I felt another wave wash over me. "Uuuuhhh you're gonna make me cum sis! O fuck! O fuck! I need to pull out!" "NOOO!" I shouted and used my legs to hold him into me. I grinded against him, my body enjoying the last of my orgasm. I pulled his chest back on top of mine and kissed him deeply, passionately. I bit his lower lip then sucked at it. I whispered in his ear, "Cum for me big brother. I wanna feel your cum spurting inside me. Cum for me Erik." I sucked on his earlobe and scratched his back. "Ohhh sis..." His whole body shuddered and he started fucking me harder and harder. "I'm. Fucking. Gonna. Cum." "Then cum for me Erik, fucking cum in me, cum in your little sis," I screamed at him as I fucked him back. "Oh fuckkk!!!!" He bottomed out and then, "ANYA!!!!!!" I felt his cum blast inside me. The feeling was so indescribable. The feeling coupled with the knowledge that it was my brother fucking me, shooting his cum inside me.... "Erik! Erik! I'm...cumming again!" I didn’t think it was possible! As his cum sprayed, blast after blast, inside me- I came, milking his cock for all it was worth. Our moans grew louder and louder as we came together. "I love you Erik!" I screamed. "I love you Anya!" he yelled as the final bursts of cum gushed into me.

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