Miss licked and penetrated her pussy

Miss licked and penetrated her pussy

I woke up late on Friday and began my regular routine. I wiped the fog off the mirror in front of me so I could brush my teeth. Freshly showered and shaved, I put my hair back and got dressed. I donned a white and yellow summer dress and three inch chunky heeled white sandals. I left the house once again panty free. I knocked on my neighbor’s door and waited. He eventually answered, looking rather distraught. “Not happy to see me?” I asked, rather concerned. “Yeah, I am. I was going to give you a call in a bit,” he said, his serious demeanor remained unwavering. He motioned for me to come in. I passed through the door frame closing the door behind me. I followed him to his room, which was half packed with boxes. “So what’s going on?” I asked, surveying his room. “Last night my Dad told me that I’m going to go live with my mom for the next school year, per their custody agreement,” he said, followed by a disappointed sigh. “That’s total crap, your Mom lives like 200 miles away. Did you tell them you don’t want to?” I asked. “Yeah, I told them, they didn’t seem to care. When I was visiting my Mom, she asked me if I wanted to stay with her for the next year. I told her I had a girlfriend and all my friends were here. She seemed disappointed but didn’t bring it up again,” he explained. “That explains the dirty looks she gave me,” I said rolling my eyes up to the right. “So when do you leave?” I asked. “My Dad is taking me up this Sunday, I’m so fuckin’ bummed. I really don’t want to go,” his shoulders slumped forward. “Damn, that soon eh? I don’t want you to go either. This fuckin’ sucks ass,” I said with disdain in my voice. He leaned back against his wall, his gaze never leaving the floor. I walked over and dropped down in front of him, bending my legs in half and spreading them wide enough to trap his legs between my knees. My face directly level with his crotch. “Guess we should make the most of the time we have,” I said, smiling up at him. His facial features perked up, his lips curling into a smile as he looked down at me. I pulled his shorts down to his knees revealing his limp dick. I tilted my head to the side and gobbled up his cock. I felt it start to harden in my mouth. I placed a hand on the back of his knee and the other wrapped around the base of his cock. I turned my head back upright, my mouth pulling his cock out like taffy. I now had a mouth full of dick. I jutted my head back and forth along his cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth. My cheeks were caving in from the suction gripping his dick tightly. I pulled back and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. He laid his hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth back on to his cock till my lips pressed against his groin, my throat seizing the head of his dick. There was suddenly a knock on his bedroom window. I jumped up startled, he quickly pulled his shorts up, not that it did anything to hide his erection. He pulled his curtain to the side and looked out. “Ah shit, it’s Drew, I forgot he was stopping by today. He called last night, and I told him I was moving, so he said he would come by to send me off,” he explained. “He gonna be here long?” I asked as he pulled the curtain open wider and motioned for Drew to come around to the front door. “Couple hours, I’ll try to keep it short and see if we can hang tomorrow,” he said, then disappeared out of his room to greet his friend. Drew was his best friend. I didn’t really know him that well, and I’d only seen him around school, and occasionally out the window when he was visiting my neighbor. Drew was a little younger then my neighbor and was going into his senior year. I sat down on the futon, currently in its couch state. After a few minutes of talking in the front room, they entered my neighbor’s bedroom. My neighbor entered first, closely followed by Drew. Drew looked me up and down and waved awkwardly. “So this is the chick?” Drew asked, looking at my neighbor. “Yes, this is Heather,” he answered. “Heather, this is Drew, Drew, this is Heather,” my neighbor said, introducing us. “Hello,” I said, with an unenthusiastic wave. “Sup? I’ve heard a lot about you. Glad he wasn’t making you up,” Drew said as he play punched my neighbor in the arm. “I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Drew asked with a suggestive tone in his voice. I shot an uncomfortable look at my neighbor. “Shut up! Dude,” he said, shoving Drew. “So, what all have you heard?” I asked, looking at Drew. “Just stuff… all really good stuff,” he replied, once again looking me up and down, his head nodding as he eyeball fucked me. “Oh Jesus! You told him!” I yelled, tossing a pillow at my neighbor. “He’s my best friend, and I had to tell someone!” he yelled, trying to dodge the pillow. “Relax, it’s cool,” Drew said, holding his hands up. “I didn’t even believe he had a girlfriend, let alone three quarters of the shit he said you guys were doing,” Drew said, dropping his hands down. “Dude you’re a fucking asshole!” My neighbor said, shoving drew nearly a foot across the room. “Whatever dude, I’m gonna take a piss!” Drew replied, walking out the door. My neighbor turned and looked at me, raising his hands up to his chest, palms facing outward. “I’m hella sorry. He’s my best friend, and it was just to cool not to tell anyone. I didn’t know he would say anything or be such a dick about it,” he explained. “It’s fine, I totally understand. I told my friend Trina about us. Just as long as you make sure he doesn’t run around telling everyone on the planet,” I told him. “He isn’t going to tell anyone. Again, I’m sorry, thank you for being so cool and awesome all the time,” he said, looking very relieved I wasn’t mad. “You know Drew is just being a dick because he’s jealous that you’re getting some action and he isn’t,” I told him, a smile on my face. “He had a girlfriend that he was fooling around with up until a few months ago. That is part of the reason I wanted to tell him so bad, got tired of hearing about all the action he was getting,” he said. “Fucking guys. You are so fuckin’ silly with that shit,” I said rolling my eyes. “What shit are we silly about?” Drew asked as he reentered the room. “Men’s need to compete by telling each other stories about getting some,” I explained. “Ahh, well, I’m not counting his stories unless you’re willing to back them up,” Drew said, sitting down on the desk chair. “Fair enough, what has he told you?” I giggled. “Oh Jesus!” My neighbor said, sitting down next to me on the futon. “Let’s see…” Drew said, slapping his hands together. His eyes rolled upward as he rubbed the palms of his hands against one another. “Did you… give him a hand job?” Drew asked. “Yep,” I replied, smirking. “Okay, Blow job?” Drew asked. “Yeah, quite a few times in fact,” I replied, placing my hand on my neighbor’s thigh. “Did you swallow his jizz?” Drew continued, glancing at my neighbor, who had now started shifting around uncomfortably. “Oh yeah, that is, when he wasn’t shooting it all over my face and tits,” I replied, looking at my neighbor, biting my bottom lip and giving him ‘the lusty eyes’ before I returned my glance back to Drew. “Fuck, okay last question… Did you really try anal?” Drew asked, the look of shock on his face from my previous answer now fading. “Yep, it was awesome,” I answered. “So you let him fuck you up the ass, but you won’t let him have regular sex with you?” Drew asked, a look of disbelief on his face. “Dude you asked your fuckin’ questions, now leave her the fuck alone!” my neighbor piped up. “It’s fine, like I said he’s just jealous,” I said, moving my hand from his thigh to his chest. “We didn’t have any condoms and I don’t want to get pregnant. I did, however, want his cock deep inside me, so eh,” I said sticking my tongue out at Drew. “Ha, whatever, you two are fucking with me. Hand job, maybe, but I’m not buying the rest of this shit,” Drew said, waving his hand across the air, clearly annoyed. “Why are you being such a dick?” my neighbor asked. “Sorry man. I don’t mean to start shit with your girl. It’s just hard to believe you two. Plus, your leaving this weekend, it just sucks,” Drew replied, shaking his head. “I know man, how do you think I feel. I’m not gonna be able to see you or her for hella days. That doesn’t give you the right to be such an asshole to her, man,” my neighbor explained. “Sorry,” Drew said, looking at me with a very disingenuous tone in his voice. “You should be, you interrupted a perfectly good blow job,” I said, my neighbor’s facing turning instantly red. “What…? Bullshit,” Drew said, shaking his head. “Oh yeah,” I said. I spread my legs and lifted my dress high enough to flash my uncovered pussy at Drew. After making sure that he caught a good glimpse of what I was showing him, I put my skirt down. “Holy fuck, you’re naked under there!” Drew exclaimed, pointing to my crotch. “What the fuck are you doing?” My neighbor said, placing his hand across my lap holding my dress down. “Oh relax, bet he believes us now!” I said, pushing his hand off my lap. “Fuck, dude, you are one lucky son of bitch!” Drew said, looking me up and down, an obvious look of wanting in his eyes. “Doesn’t really prove you were actually sucking him off though, just that you aren’t wearing any underwear. He was fingering you at best,” Drew said. “And what would you do if I started sucking his cock right now?” I asked, motioning to my neighbor. “Go into business selling flying pigs,” Drew replied, grabbing the inside seam of his jeans and pulling them away from his crotch. There was an obvious bulge forming in his jeans, creating some discomfort no doubt. I reached over and started rubbing my neighbor's cock through his shorts. My neighbor quickly gripped my hand. I turned my head and looked him in the eyes. He was obviously embarrassed and concerned. His eyes darted at Drew and then back to me. I looked down at my hand, holding his cock wrapped in the thin fabric of his shorts, then back up at him and licked my lips. With much hesitation, his grip on my hand slowly released. My neighbor’s cock was at half mast, he was obviously having some performance anxiety having his cock rubbed in front of his best friend. I leaned down and gently gripped the outline of his cock between by teeth, sliding them up and down the form of his cock, breathing hot full breathes into the fabric separating me from bare flesh. My neighbor’s head flung back and he moaned, his
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whole body suddenly going limp, except of course for his cock, which was nearly all the way hard now. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Drew running his hand over the bulge in his pants, most likely completely unaware he was doing it. Drew’s gaze was fixed on my current handy work. I sat up and slid my arms out of the straps of my dress peeling it down, my breasts hanging freely for both Drew and my neighbor to see. I made brief eye contact with Drew, who licked his lips as his eyes dropped to my naked pale breasts. I climbed up onto the futon on all fours. I stretched across my neighbor’s lap, reaching down, pulling his shorts back liberating his cock. I dipped down and sucked his cock into my mouth. He instantly moaned, reaching down and sticking his thumbs into either side of his shorts and attempting to pull them down. I raised my head up, giving him enough room to lift his ass high enough to slide his shorts down to his knees. As he dropped back down, I took him all the way into my mouth. He slouched down, scooting his ass closer to the edge of the futon giving me better access. My hand no longer having to hold back the elastic on his shorts, I used it to cup his balls, and as I did so, he parted his legs wider. Still encumbered by his shorts around his knees, he raised each leg in succession, forcing his shorts to his ankles, allowing him to spread his legs wider. I moaned and snapped the back of my head towards his stomach, my ponytail flying through the air, giving Drew full view of my lips sliding up and down his best friend’s cock. My neighbor, at this point, already had one hand resting on my back. He placed his other hand on the nape of my neck just beneath my pony tail. He started slowly pushing his cock up into my mouth, his hips rising and lowering involuntarily. He once again threw his head back, resting on the top of the futon, letting out a loud moan. My mouth took his cock in rhythm with his pumping hips. I continued to moan into his cock, half because I was turned on and half to fuck with Drew. Drew was now blatantly rubbing his cock through his jeans. He had an intense focus on my busy mouth being fucked by hard dick. I released my neighbor’s balls and grabbed the base of his cock. I lift up and ran my tongue around the head of his cock. I tilted my head to the side and started sliding my lips up and down the shaft kissing and suck with loud wet suction noises. “Dude, I will never doubt you again. Your woman is making me so fucking horny right now,” Drew said, finally verbalizing what was clear as day. “She’s so fuckin’ awesome!” my neighbor replied, raising his head back up right. I glanced sideways up at my neighbor, making brief eye contact with him before I pulled the head of his cock into my mouth, rubbing it on the inside of my cheek. A head of a cock shape forming on the outside of my cheek as his cock pressed against it repeatedly from the inside. I watched as his head dropped forward with a look of pure pleasure across his face. “What is going on over there?” Drew asked, almost standing up off the chair. I flipped my head around to the other side, rubbing my neighbor’s cock against the other cheek, allowing Drew to see what he was missing out on. I looked straight at Drew before I turned my head back downward, swallowing my neighbor’s cock. “Oh my god, I want some of that. No disrespect guys,” Drew said. I sat up, my neighbor’s hands falling to his sides. I continued to stroke his cock as I leaned in, placing my mouth near my neighbor’s ear. “So you think we should stop torturing your friend?” I whispered. “What do you mean, I’m so close?” my neighbor said in a low whisper. “Would you be okay if I let him join in?” I answered, making sure only my neighbor could hear. “If it’s okay with you, just as long as you don’t stop,” he replied, his chest convulsing from my touch. “What the heck are you guys talking about over there?” Drew said, looking really concerned. “We were wondering how long you were gonna sit over there, rubbing your jeans instead of getting over here and joining in,” I said, staring at him. Drew sat there for a moment clearly unsure of what to do with the news that was just shot at him. Once he fully processed the offer, he stood up and removed his jeans. He took one last glance at my neighbor, then at me, before pulling his boxers off. Drew stood upright, revealing his fully erect circumcised dick. Drew’s cock was larger than my neighbors, not by much, but certainly noticeable. I sat upright on the futon, next to my neighbor. One of my hands still stroking my neighbor’s cock, I used the other to pat the seat next to me. Drew quickly made his way over and sat down. I reached over and started to stroke his cock. My pussy was now drenched from the arousal off having a cock in each hand. Drew reached over, groping my breast. “Fuck, you got some awesome tits,” Drew said, his cock flexing as he made contact with my boob. “Why thank you,” I said. “That feels so good,” Drew said, glancing at his cock being stroked. My neighbor, already feeling left out, reached over and grabbed my other breast, pinching the nipple. I moaned, feeling the ecstasy. “Are you going to suck my cock too?” Drew asked, impatiently. “I’ll be right back,” I said to my neighbor. I turned, getting back up on all fours facing Drew. I placed my ass high in the air, facing my neighbor. He slid his finger into my hot wet pussy and began to finger fuck me. I moaned loudly as Drew’s cock parted my lips, filling my mouth with his manhood. The size difference of Drew’s cock was much more noticeable once it was in my mouth. I struggled at first to accept the full length of his cock, but gradually made my way all the way down. My throat was full of dick, my tongue wiggling against his shaft. “Fuck yeah, swallow that dick,” Drew said, placing his hand on my head and gripping my ponytail. My neighbor now placed a second finger in my drenched little hole. He smacked my ass as he pulled his fingers back in forth, sending waves of pleasure through the walls of my pussy. I held Drew’s cock firmly in my hand as I slowly slide my lips down the head of his dick, down his shaft, all the way down to the base of his cock, making sure to keep a tight seal of suction the whole way down. As my lips reached the base of his cock, I felt him press down on the back of my head, forcing my face into his groan and his dick further down my throat. I gagged slightly, feeling tears start to form. “Oh fuck, yeah, that’s the stuff,” Drew moaned, holding my head down firmly. I felt like I was going to drown in cock for a moment, as I felt the force holding me down finally release I quickly raised up gasping for air, tears now sliding down my cheeks. I caught my breath and moved back down, gobbling Drew’s fat meat stick. I slammed my mouth up and down on his cock, only taking it about half way. As I rapidly sucked Drew’s cock, my tits, dangling freely, started to bounce back and forth, the fast motion making them slap against each other as they bounced. “Oh fuck yeah!” Drew shouted. My neighbor was now rotating between smacking my ass and rubbing it. The tears on my face had become just cold streaks of moisture. My whole body was now covered in a thin layer of sweat, my mouth full of cock and my pussy filled with my neighbor’s fingers. My ass stung from the repeated slapping. My body burned with desire, I was so fucking horny. “My turn,” my neighbor said, standing up. I sat up, Drew’s cock falling from my lips. I dropped off of the futon on to my knees, where I was quickly greeted by my neighbor’s dick. I hungrily sucked it into my mouth. Noticing the streaked tears down my face, my neighbor pulled his cock from my lips. “Are you okay?” he asked concern in his voice. “I just choked a little, I’m fine,” I responded, greedily pulling his cock back to my mouth. “You sure?” he asked. “Mmmhmm,” I hummed, my mouth vibrating his cock. With that, he went back to enjoying himself. Drew stood up next to my neighbor, stroking his cock. Drew slapped his cock against my cheek a few times before reaching down to grab my hand and placing it on his cock. I moaned, mouth full of my neighbor’s cock, as I stroked Drew’s cock. After a while I started to switch between sucking Drew’s cock and sucking my neighbor’s, alternating between sucking and stroking. I now had two men moaning and cussing complements at me as I tenaciously pleasured them. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Drew yelled, his cock deep in my throat. I pulled back just in the nick of time. Drew’s cock head became engorged just before it shot a fat load of creamy off-white seed that splashed against my left cheek slightly below my eye, close to the bridge of my nose. I continued to stroke his pulsating cock, directing the head around my face as he shot smaller loads of his hot cream in various splatters across my face. Once Drew’s cock stopped pumping, he grabbed it from my hand and smacked it against my face, shaking off the last few drops before forcing it back into my open mouth. I suckled on it till he could take no more. Drew practically fell backwards on to the desk chair, struggling to catch his breath. “Oh fuck I’m cumming too!” My neighbor yelled, pulling me towards him. I sucked my neighbor into my mouth wriggling my tongue down the length of his shaft. He placed both hands on the back of my head, pulling me into him as he pushed his cock into my mouth. The moment I felt his cock tense and swell, I forced myself all the way down till my face was pressed against his abdomen. He pushed my head down onto him as his cock unloaded into my throat. I swallowed uncontrollably as he filled me. He humped my throat in small motions continuing to spurt. I could feel his friend's cum squish against him as he convulsed wildly. He finally released me, practically yanking my head off his cock. I gasped for air, nearly choking on cum that I hadn’t had a chance to swallow. “Fuck, that was awesome!” he said, wiping sweat from his brow. “How are you doing?” my neighbor asked, turning to Drew. “I am fucking incredible,” Drew responded. “Heather, you are fucking amazing. Seriously, that was the fucking best I have ever had,” Drew said, breath still escaping him. “Good to know,” I responded, using one of my neighbor’s undershirts to wipe the semen off my face. “You guys done or you want some more?” I asked, smiles breaking across both their faces. “I totally want more, but I’m gonna need a minute or two,” Drew replied. “Definitely more,” panted my neighbor, who walked over and slumped down on the futon. “But I too will need a few minutes,” he said, his head resting on the back of his futon.

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